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It's the end of the 2018 growing season. Time to put the greenhouse "to bed". A big thank you to all of our loyal customers. Have a good fall and winter season.

Early April

A small operation where everything is home grown and usually started from seed.
We like to try unusual, old fashion or heirloom annuals*, as well as fragrant plants, moon garden flowers, and vines.  We also grow heirloom tomatoes and vegetables, as well as  standard varieties.  Our perennials include Hollyhocks, Lupine,  Foxglove, and others.  Also, perennial & annual herbs.
Our size limits the number of plants that we grow  and varieties change each year.
We also do custom growing and special orders if given enough notice.

* As defined by Select Seeds  of Union, CT :  "Antique or heirloom flowers are open-pollinated varieties that originated fifty or more years ago.  Open-pollinated flowers are fertilized by insects, hummingbirds or wind, and the resulting seed will produce plants that are identical or very similar to the parent plant.  Many antique flowers are hard-to-find heirloom flowers, passed from one generation to another."

Look through the site to view some of the plants that  we're growing.

Hoping to look like this is a few months!