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We sell a few melons in six packs or individual peat pots. 
 Another fruit offering is a Strawberry Tomato or Ground Cherry (also known as a Cape Gooseberry).

Physalis pruinosa
Ground Cherry or Strawberry Tomato
Small orange berry with a papery husk.  Sweet & a bit wild tasting.  Will drop to the ground when ripe.

65 - 70 Days


Allium cepa var. viviparum
Egyptian (Walking) Onion
A very cold hardy, perennial onion that is unique
and easy to grow.  All parts are edible and it's also
ornamental.  Little bulbs form at the top of the stalk,
which bends over due to the weight of the
bulbs, and the bulblets take root.
Zone 3 - 10

King Richard
Beautiful full-sized leeks. The white stem is over
a foot long to the first leaf.  Plant in a trench and slowly
hill the soil around the plant to increase the white part
of the stem.  Will withstand a medium-heavy frost.
Will not over-winter in the garden.
75 Days

Tomatoes are sold in super 6-packs or individual peat pots.
We are also growing in 4 inch "Cow Pots" this year.
Determinate tomatoes:  Bush-type, do not need pruning and may be grown with or without support.  The fruit ripens within a concentrated period of time.
Indeterminate tomatoes:  Climbing-type, should be staked or caged and may need pruning for best results.  Fruit ripens over an extended period of time.

Variety Name
# of Days
Some Information on Each Variety

Tumbling Tom

65 Days
Hanging Baskets and patio pots. One inch red fruit produces all summer.

Tumbling Tom


Hanging baskets and patio pots. One inch yellow/orange fruit produces all summer. 
Patio Tomato
70 Days
Container gardening, may need staking.  Medium size fruit.  Determinate
Super Sweet 100
65 Days
Staked plant produces 100+ 1" sweet red tomatoes.  Indeterminate
Sun Gold
57 Days
Bite-size golden-orange fruit on large vines that need to be staked.  Very sweet, heavy crop.  Indeterminate


75 Days

Sturdy plant produces 1"- 2" creamy yellow, sweet fruit.  Indeterminate

Italian Ice

65 Days

Sugary sweet 1"- 1.5" fruit ripen from green to ivory.  Indeterminate
Early Girl

57 Days

Tasty full-sized fruit early in the season.  Heavy yield on heavy vines. 4-6 oz. fruit. 
New Yorker
66 Days
Old standard variety developed for cool, short seasons.  Smooth & meaty 4-6oz. fruit.  Determinate
Jet Star
70 Days
Prolific producer of globe-shaped fruit.  Excellent flavor with low acidity.  Compact habit. Indeterminate
Celebrity Hybrid
70-72 Days
Widely adapted, long-popular with a good taste. 
 Medium 7 oz. size fruit. Crack resistant. 
Lemon Boy
72 Days
Mild flavor & low acidity.  6-7 oz. lemon yellow fruit.   Indeterminate
Golden Girl
72 Days
A mild golden-orange tomato that requires no pruning.
7 oz. fruit    Determinate
Big Beef Hybrid
73 Days
Old fashion, rich flavor.  Grows well in many climate conditions.  Resistant to diseases.  9-16 oz. fruit. 
75 Days
Most well-known paste-type tomato.  Heavy crop of red pear-shaped, meaty fruit with very few seeds.  Determinate
Heinz 1439
80 Days
Fruit resists cracking.  Developed for sauces & purees.  High meaty content.  6 oz. fruit.  Determinate
Beef Steak
80 Days
Large solid red fruit weighing up to 2 lbs.  An excellent slicer.  Indetermnate
Amish Paste
75 Days
Dates back to the turn of the century. Good for canning and sauces.  Plum shape 8 oz. fruit. 
60 Days
Old fashion tomato taste with early fruit.  Cold tolerant, 4-6 oz. fruit.  Indeterminate
Health Kick
75 Days
50% more anti-oxidant lycopene.
Produces a bountiful crop of 4 oz. fruit.
Polish Linguisa
73 Days
Heirloom (19th Century)
Loaded with vitamins, fiber & potassium.  7-10 oz. elongated fruit.  Flesh is soft & sweet.  Indeterminate
75 Days
Heirloom from Poland.
Low acid and sweet flavor.  Dark pink fruit weighing 1 lb.
Thin skin, firm flesh.  Indeterminate
Giant Belgium
82-90 Days
Hugh 1-2 lb. dark pink fruit.
Low acid, mild flavor.
Cuore de Toro
(Bull's Heart)
89 Days
An Italian heirloom with hugh oxheart-type pinkish red fruit.
Vigorous plants produce 4", 2 pound fruit.
90-100 Days
An Amish heirloom dating back to 1885.  Considered to be the best flavored tomato.  The plant looks like a potato vine.

The Heirloom tomato varieties are only sold in individual peat pots.  Generally, the heirloom tomato plant grows quite large and doesn't bare as many tomatoes as the hybrid varieties (however, the flavor is better).  These varieties require more space in the garden and will benefit from being staked or supported by a cage.

2012 PEPPER Varieties
Sweet Peppers:  New Ace            
                              Lady Bell
                              Yankee Bell
                              Early Sunsation
                              Red Knight
                              Baron Hybrid (Red Beauty)
                              King Arthur (Fat 'N Sassy)
                              Purple Beauty
                              Sweet Banana
                              Giant Marconi
                              Whitney Hybrid
                              Lip Stick
                              Carmen (Italian frying pepper)
                              Antohi Romanian (European frying)
Hot Peppers:       Hungarian Hot Wax
                              Cherry Bomb
                              Gentle Giant Goliath
                              Goliath Griller Hybrid
                              Sweet Heat
                              Early Jalapeno
                              Joe's Long Cayenne
                              Inferno Hot Banana

Also selling, in super 6-packs or individual peat pots:
Broccoli:   in 6-packs
Brussels Sprouts:  in 6-packs
Cabbage:  (early, late & savoy-types)  in 6-packs
Cauliflower: (white, orange & purple-types) in 6-packs
Celery:  cutting & leaf-types
Cucumbers: (pickling, slicing & oriental) in 6-packs or individual pots
Eggplant: (Oriental & Italian-types) in 6-packs
Pumpkins: ( pie & field) in 6-packs or peat pots
Summer Squash:            Zucchini - yellow & green
 (6-packs or peat pots)    Yellow crockneck
Winter Squash:                Acorn              
(6-packs or peat pots)     Butternut
Swiss Chard:  Individual peat pots

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